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Super Star Squeeze Page Tips

Modern business owners and marketers today are becoming acutely aware of the importance of a squeeze page that they could leverage on for better returns in their business ventures. A squeeze page is highly instrumental in compelling web visitors to enter personal contact details like their email address to build up the leads list of the business. This provides the business owner or marketer the business opportunity to stay in contact with the potential lead and build a strong customer relationship that would benefit the branding of the business.

List building is an essential process which business owners and marketers must engage in to grow the business. Hence, an effective squeeze page must be well designed to be efficient.

Listed below are 7 tips for a super star squeeze page that would benefit the business.

Tip 1 – Simplicity

Creating a squeeze page is easy when simplicity is in focus. This would keep the page clean and attractive without the clutter that blocks or distracts viewers’ attention and focus. Important information should be listed clearly without overloading text or pictures to help visitors be directed to the essentials of the page.

A simple squeeze page helps put viewers at ease to procure a good overview of the page to understand its objective and allow users to comply with the requirements easily. A squeeze page is not an advertorial space; hence, simplicity is the best policy in attracting users to fill in their contact details.

Tip 2 – Value-added Freebies

Procuring customer contact information is not always easy and free without something attractive to entice customers. Hence, value-added freebies prove to be a strong attraction to compel potential business leads in releasing their personal contact details which benefit marketers in establishing strong customer relations to boost their business.

Marketers could consider free e-books, free quality product samples, free coaching or training on a particularly popular topic or niche which they are well versed in. These are useful and relevant to many aspiring business entrepreneurs and ordinary consumers who like free stuff for a try-out. Consumers warm to freebies and usually do not mind filling in their contact information if there are more freebies to be enjoyed.

Tip 3 – Competitive Keywords

The use of competitive keywords allows a faster and more successful search by potential customers on what the business could offer. This would boost the business website up above the competition where all types of keywords are indulged in.

Marketers must be alert to the types of preferred keywords or key phrases for catching web consumers’ attention and interest. The Internet offers a host of tools to select the best of keywords or phrases that would draw more web traffic.

Tip 4 – Catchy Headlines

Attention grabbing headlines on a squeeze page help to attract potential leads to the page for more important business information to be conveyed. This is an ideal marketing strategy where the customer is brought a step closer to the most important action of the squeeze page; to secure user contact information.

Catchy headlines usually stick in the head longer to be excellent and effective promotional elements of any brand or business. However, a high level of creativity is required to generate attention grabbing headlines that give an insight of the benefits to be reaped by consumers who participate in the offers.

Tip 5 – Video Marketing

Videos are today’s preferred marketing elements over text and audio options. Modern consumers love to view a short and well produced video regardless of its topic or content. The plus point comes with exciting and fresh contents that entertain even on a squeeze page where the traditional static content could be translated into powerful visual material with rich information that benefits viewers.

Simple videos could be produced quickly with simple gadgets that do not burst the budget or deadline when the theme and content elements are properly thought out and put into the right actions that would project the business message effectively and efficiently. The essential elements of a well designed video could be readily incorporated to create the right effects on the squeeze page for the best results.

Tip 6 – Mobile Friendly & Compatible Design

As technology advances today with mobile technology on the streets, it is a definite plus when the squeeze page is viewable on mobile devices and gadgets which are popular amongst consumers. With more mobile apps sprouting in the marketplace, a squeeze page is likened to a website where mobile compatible designs are essential to a proper display on mobile devices.

This would allow marketers to stay connected with mobile users at all times for any updates on the web business site or squeeze page. As more consumers embrace mobile technology through mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, iPhones and tablets, it is crucial for a squeeze page to be mobile compatible or mobile friendly.

Tip 7 – Essential Contact Information

Keeping the squeeze page simple in structure and design is only half the battle won; the purpose of the squeeze page should also be focused with only the essential contact information encouraged. Experience proves a higher compliance to the call-to-action request with fewer details required as consumers are more obliging with less information to be released and the sign-in task could be executed promptly.

The wise marketer should only request for the consumers’ email address; after which, further follow up work could be executed and a stronger relationship could be established with a higher conversion from potential business lead to customer status. Once the relationship is established, the marketer could gather other pertinent information about the potential customer to offer relevant business products to boost the bottom lines.


Smart marketers who indulge in a squeeze page as part of the marketing tool stands to gain more customers when the squeeze page is manipulated dynamically. The squeeze page could be very effective for an opt-in of potential leads with exciting features incorporated. More targeted traffic could be easily and quickly generated through the squeeze page with the right tools and solutions.