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Smart Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses during COVID-19

For small business owners, I think that digital communication tools were nice to have and even considered cutting edge before the pandemic. Now they are a necessity. The first thing is having a strategy, so I know it sounds really obvious, but what we found from a lot of our customers is that they haven’t taken the time to sit down and think about the new normal uh. How are is their consumer shopping now? So for some businesses, it’s online shopping, it’s an absolute necessity to make sure they can order online and have something delivered to other companies. It may be a chat service that has some kind of artificial intelligence that can respond to customers’ requests immediately for other businesses. It could be video so, depending on your industry, that’s going to dictate what type of tools are going to be best for your consumer. The consumer journey is not going to go back to the way it used to be chat, for instance, or text messaging. Now that they’ve experienced all these conveniences uh, they wanted that convenience beforehand and now they’re demanding it a lot of consumers are just as confused as business owners are right now, so you need to over-communicate your hours of operation, make sure that they know that You’Re open use the tools to even put the most basic things out there. Here’S our address, we’re still open, don’t worry, we’re requiring that you wear a mask and all of the things to let them know that they’re safe, but you are open, [, Music ]. This is the new normal. This is the new consumer journey because they’ve already expected digital communication before and they are going to naturally go with the companies who uh who’ve adapted to it, who make their consumer experience easier, don’t be in the mindset of. If I could just get through this, then it’s going to go back to six months ago, stay positive and keep innovating and keep taking calculated risks because you’re good at it. That’S why you are who you are you

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