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Tips White Hat Link Building for SEO Hello, everybody, my name, is Chad polit. I am the director of inbound marketing here at Kuno, creative and welcome to another edition of Tuesday’s tips and tactics, inbound marketing in 10 minutes or less well. First off we want to apologize. I missed. Last week i was on vacation, but i am here for white hat link building for SEO and as always feel free to reach out to myself or anyone at Kuno on twitter using the hashtag Kuno. So I wanted to do something on link building this time because there’s been some changes, as many of you have noticed, Google penguin or the over optimization penalty has rolled out, and some of those penalties involve links in link building. So I wanted to talk about some of the ways that you can do: link building. That’S not going to get you in trouble with google penguin and then point out one of the the the old tactics that some people still use. That can, if you do it the wrong way, get you in trouble with penguin, so we’ll get to that here shortly. So I want to remind everyone that the number one link building technique that you could possibly do is content marketing, that’s developing good problem solving and or entertaining content and publishing that content on your blog or your website. That is bar none, the absolute best strategy and, if you’re not doing that, you’re, probably not going to get the results using other tactics that you would from using content marketing, so content marketing can be blog posts. It can be video, it can be slide decks. Just like this, so there’s a lot of ways you can do content marketing, but the more diverse your deployment, the better in my opinion, so never forget. Content marketing is the number one late buildings Reggie for SEO number two, and by the way, these from two on down are in no particular order, but nonetheless, number two is guest blog post. So that’s essentially extending your content. Marketing to other people’s websites, essentially, is what that means, and then, of course you can. You can invite people to guest blog on your blog as well, because the authors of that content have a vested interest in in supporting and distributing that content on their networks. So you can leverage their their network as well as your own, by offering people to guest post on your blog number three social profiles. Yes, indeed, it is true that most social profile links are quote unquote, nofollow links, so technically you shouldn’t get any type of benefit from the search engines. For this. However, I will say this: google reserves the right to follow a nofollow link. In fact, if you look in your google webmaster tools, you’ll probably find some nofollow links in there, so google actually is recognizing those links now how much juice they give you that I don’t know, but I do know that social profile links can be powerful brand signals. Take LinkedIn, for example, if you have a hundred employees at your company and you have a linkedin company page with your website, and all your employees have a LinkedIn page and they all link to your company linkedin page. Those links are all brand signals and what they signal of Google is this that you are indeed a legitimate company worthy of ranking in their search engine. So don’t underestimate the power of social profiles for your links competitors. So what I recommend with competitive link building is simply this utilize tools like SEO. Moz there are open site Explorer, for example, open site Explorer org. Is the URL also a hub spot as a tool built in there as well to to inventory and monitor competitors? Backlinks? Now, when I look at competitive backlinks, I look at them with the intent of seeing if any of those links, if I can duplicate any of those lengths. So if a competitor is in maybe some special industry directory like say, thomasnet, okay and I didn’t realize that I could be in that directory – and I see my competitors in there and see where they’re at in the directory. I may want to contact thomasnet and say: hey I’d like to be in your directory. What do I need to do and then go through that process, and then now i have a link in there, and maybe I try to one-up my competitor as well, so it just gives you an inventory of what links your competitors have and which ones excuse me. It will allow you to figure out which ones you can duplicate. Next is partnerships by partnering with certain vendors and and other types of similar companies. You can share content between your websites. You can link to each other. So a good example of this is kuno and hubspot, now kunos a hubspot partner and we link to their content all the time and they reciprocate and linked to a lot of our content a lot of the time. So that’s a good example of a partnership that works for link building. So if you can develop some of those partnerships, it’s definitely a good way for you to build links. Number six reviews of products and services bloggers are always looking for good, outstanding content and if you offer up some of your products or services in exchange for a review to a blogger, there’s a good chance that they’ll probably write a review. Not only will they write a review, but they’ll also most likely link back to your website. So that’s another good way to earn backlinks for SEO communities, blogs and forums. What I’m not telling you to do is go and do a blog post, commenting spam or form spam, or anything like that. What i am telling you to do is at least have your own. Google alert set up that informs you when people are talking about your brand and your company and some of your services or products, okay, and where those conversations are occurring. It’S most likely prudent that you inject your expertise. Your thought leadership on those platforms, whether they be blogs or forums or communities, so keeping your ear open in those areas using google alerts is a good tool to build relevant backlinks directories. Now, as i mentioned before, with the new google penguin update directories, low-grade directors took a big hit, not just the directories but the web sites they link to because it used to be several years ago that these were a main source of backlinks and link building for Websites, there are two types of directories: well, there’s lots of types, but the two groupings of directories that that i like to point out are your national and local directories avoid the low-grade ones if you’ve never heard of it or if it’s not industry specific. I don’t recommend using that directory to build links, so this brings me to our 2012 marketers SEO guide to link building now. This is a download that we created in January of this year. It’S available on facebook at that URL. It actually contains 10 more link building techniques, so I definitely recommend giving it a download and checking it out. They should definitely help you in your SEO. Efforts. Well, ladies and gentlemen, thanks for watching that’s it for this week join us next week. We don’t have a topic picked out yet, but we’ll be working on that shortly. So we’ll see you, then thanks

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