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For Components of Conversion-Focused Blog Posts

Blogs have become very popular amongst the web community that favors reading exciting and interesting information that entertains or benefits. Businesses are smart to pick up the cue to engage blogs in supporting their marketing and sales activities to boost bottom lines and profit.

There are 4 components in which blogs could be enhanced for more sales with conversion-focused contents.

1) Establish Strong Personal Connections with Fans

Effective blog marketing differs from other types of online marketing endeavors as the focus is establishing a strong personal interaction or connectivity with supportive fans. There is a specific group of supporters who are eager to read blog contents that appeal to them. Useful and interesting information could be procured from these blogs which entice them to become diehard fans or subscribers to the blog site.

Bloggers or blog authors must connect with their readers personally as well as emotionally on a regular and long term basis to establish a strong relationship that compels readers to become fans and supporters especially with business brands and offerings. More and more sales are secured through whom customers know rather than what they want to buy. A high degree of trust and confidence is established to cause blog fans to become loyal customers from the constant interaction bloggers initiate with web readers.

A personal connection does wonders to pave the way to convert a business potential lead into a loyal customer when web readers are able to relate to the blogger marketer through the blog contents. A personal interaction could involve personal greetings or personal advice that is directed to specific web readers with specific needs, but conveyed in a professional yet caring manner that brings the guard down on consumers.

Web consumers are more likely to incline towards the blogger marketer who is transparent and honest about personal feelings, market trends and important life decisions which may prove difficult for many ordinary individuals. Many consumers may be looking for that solution which the blog article provides to get out of the rut their lives are in. A workable solution presented professionally in a simple-to-activate manner wins the consumer over, especially if good results flourish upon implementation.

A blogger marketer must continue to stay alert to the primary focus of the blogging exercise; conversions to sales. Blogs are generated with effective conversions in mind. Every piece of content is written with a business message that would help readers connect solutions to the intended promo product or service.

Personal experiences form the best testimonies of the effectiveness of solutions presented that would attract consumers.

2) Present Unique Point of View

An effective conversion could be activated by a unique presentation of the blogger’s viewpoint that adds value to the readers. A unique perspective on a particular area of expertise could be enticing to readers who find the presentation different from others.

Unique points of view would attract targeted audiences that are willing to pay premium costs for specific services and products which are useful to them. These are the niche markets, which could connect with the blogger marketer’s business or life vision to contribute to a higher degree of sales conviction that boosts business outcomes.

Blogger marketers must remember that their unique viewpoints are their special marketing tools that help build their personal business brand for more traction in building relations and establishing links. This would help marketers in commanding premium pricing as no other sources could supply the same unique information.

Hence, marketers should stay alert that their products and services aptly reflect their unique offerings from business to personal aspects which enrich their fans and customers who would be compelled to stay on board for more.

3) Display Area of Expertise with Relevancy

A conversion-focused blog post must come from the expert in a specific area that is highly in demand in the market. Marketers who wish to manipulate blog marketing must be knowledgeable in their specific areas of expertise that would be recognized by the industry and other market authorities to generate greater market hypes and good vibes.

The marketer’s blogging reputation would spread like wildfire when a high quality blog takes the fancy of the blog community. Viral marketing is possible to promote the blogger as a subject expert through a well written blog that is insightful and relevant to the blogging community.

The blogging expert should design the blog article to be a published solution which benefits targeted audiences that read the piece and there is great relevancy in the blog content to impact the readers’ lives.

Blog fans are willing to pay blog experts who hold the solution to resolve their problems as quickly as possible. Bloggers must surface “relevancy” of the article contents to meet the needs of readers who would be compelled to make a purchase.

4) Call-to-Action Posts

The bottom line of blog articles is to instigate readers into activating the right response known as ‘call-to-action’ options. Blog fans may find a blog interesting and relevant, but not take specific actions that would benefit the blogger or business brand.

There may be certain factors that may hinder blog readers towards undertaking the preferred response by blogger marketers. This is where marketers need to interact with them personally to instigate the right form of action before they leave the blog site. Marketers must be dynamic in displaying readers’ needs from the blog post through the right blog presentation so that the proper response would be activated.

The desired call-to-action response by blog readers could be filling up of personal contact information or making a purchase. Comparisons between brands in the market could help incline blog readers to favor the blogger in subtle manners.


Blogs are dynamic marketing tools in the right hands of creative bloggers cum marketers who understand how to leverage on this resource. The 4 components are highly effective in converting a potential business customer through the right responses or call-to-action options.

Successful bloggers need to take the necessary initiative to apply these 4 components for the desired success using blogs.