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Build A Targeted Video Marketing List

Video marketing is becoming extremely popular with online business entrepreneurs and marketers who want to build their targeted list of subscribers and customers. This marketing approach has been proven to be quick and easy to convey business marketing information to the niche markets identified for the brand.

Simple steps are available to produce dynamic marketing videos that would get the marketing message across quickly and effectively.

Step 1 – More Value for More Sales

Every business works on this basic principle where value drives sales. Discerning consumers today are wary of the cheap sales of low quality items which are a waste of money. They prefer to purchase items of good value that satisfies rather than tightening the belt on frivolous items.

Hence, if businesses could offer items of good value which benefits consumers, more sales would be generated as customers would be satisfied with their purchases. This would motivate them to make repeated sales as a strong trust and respect is established from the satisfactory purchases made through reliable brands.

Businesses that adopt this marketing stance would enjoy more sales and profit, which meet their bottom lines. This is where business owners and entrepreneurs need to identify the types of business offers they want to deliver with the degree of value to be added to their business products and services for sales.

Business values need not be limited to products, but could extend to solutions to problems which consumers face. Marketing from a customer’s perspective provides the right focus for businesses to develop the right marketing strategy and attitude in succeeding in the market. Similarly, this is how video marketing would be successful; the business promo video must contain values that would attract viewers who are seeking the right or best solution in their lives.

Step 2 – Multiple Distribution Channels

A well designed video should be distributed to as many venues as possible to enjoy more traffic and wider market visibility. The video must be uploaded to social media and YouTube sites besides sending to personal subscriber lists to reach as many viewers as possible. This would harness more potential leads for the brand and business as up-to-date information is disseminated actively.

The aim of video marketing is to ensure a wider audience across the globe through various channels on permissible video sharing sites that would introduce the brand and business products to viewers. Attractive video marketing includes encouraging viewers to share or forward the video in generating a possible viral effect that benefits the brand and company.

Step 3 – Opt-in Page/Squeeze Page

Dynamic video marketing includes the creation of an opt-in page or a squeeze page that is meant to direct web traffic from the video to generate or build a list for the brand and business. Hence, there must be strong calls to action for viewers in instigating them to take the desired appropriate action upon viewing the video.

A well produced video is able to generate such an effect with the proper opt-in page designed for the video. Simple, easy-to-understand instructions could be incorporated into the video to convey the simple call-to-action message clearly.

The squeeze page should be attractive enough to compel or encourage viewers to take the appropriate action, especially if the video is properly produced. An interesting and captivating video that is entertaining would have a compelling squeeze page that would gather viewer’s personal contact information for further follow-up as a customer from a potential lead.

Building a Targeted List

Online marketers today need to build a strong and continually growing list of targeted niche contacts that would support the business brand through sales and advertising. Video marketing is very effective in achieving this business goal where posting videos on the Internet serves to generate new business leads for the company to work on.

The best marketing videos should be short and sweet in duration and presentation to entice viewers who do not have time to view long videos. A professional presentation of the essential business message could carry the brand impact further and deeper than long boring videos.

Long videos should be divided into specific, focused segments that could allow viewers to view, selectively with the specific information conveyed in every segment. This would allow viewers to digest the essential marketing information that is being promoted with every segment.

A good video that is effective in its marketing purpose must have quality content in the desired quantity or duration that keeps viewers engaged. An interactive video is excellent in securing the attention of viewers even more profusely to understand the business offerings.

Hence, business promo videos need to be produced regularly with a proper upload that would keep targeted audiences focused. Once the marketer or business owner stumbles onto a winning formula in developing the best of business promo videos, a regular development and upload is crucial to engage video subscribers while attracting new ones from the platform.

Creativity is crucial to the development of dynamic marketing videos for any brand or business. New videos on various topics and themes could be produced to attract different scopes of targeted audiences depending on the types of products offered at different seasons.

Producing the Right Video

The more videos the marketer produces, the higher the chances for a greater brand exposure in the market. Great videos require awesome content in a professional yet entertaining presentation to go viral.

It is simple to produce a good quality business promo video without busting the budget. Low cost video production gadgets are readily available to encourage lots of aspiring online entrepreneurs to venture into new Internet businesses rampantly. Good videos are normally appreciated by viewers who are compelled to share through their personal networks of contacts without charge to the business company. This means free advertisement for the business that amounts to high savings.


A good video is very instrumental in building a targeted list that would boost business branding and sales. It is crucial to understand the dynamics of video marketing in achieving the business goal of a strong and growing targeted list of customers.