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YouTube Placement Advertising Tutorial – How To Get Leads With YouTube Ads

Hey, what’s going on Vince Reed here and welcome to another training today, we’re gon na dive into YouTube’s placement ads YouTube placement ads, allow you to literally place video ads targeting other videos or the YouTube channels, and much more so. You’Ve ever been on YouTube, and you see these videos popping up into your newsfeed in front of other videos. This is how they’re doing it so we’re gon na do right now is gon na jump over to my computer screen. I’M going to share with you exactly how they work, so you can start generating leads for your business with YouTube Placement ads enjoy. So what are you to placement ads? Alright? Well, first off. I want you to always remember that YouTube is still the king of video advertising. I know Facebook is trying to do its thing in terms of doing a lot with video, but YouTube is still the king when people want to find out how to do something. One of the first places they look to learn how to do it is by going to YouTube and searching now placement ads, allow you to target videos and YouTube channels. Alright, so I want you, allow your imagination to run wild so think about all the videos that you’ve seen think about all the competitors, videos that are out there think about what your customers are searching for when they’re on YouTube. You have the ability to literally run ads targeting all the individuals who are watching those specific videos. Alright we’re gon na dive into that. Now, there’s two types of ads that you can run: okay, you can do what’s called an in-stream ad or an in display ad. All right now, an in-stream ad or the ads that you see that sometimes pop up in front of a video. So if you’ve ever been on YouTube and you’re watching a video and then this video kind of plays and then it you know, you can skip it after a few seconds. That’S an in-stream ad and in display ad would be an ad that you see. Maybe if you’re watching a video – and you see another ad on the right or maybe you search for video and then you see your another video kind of like in the display area. Alright, so that’s what a in display ad looks like now, because YouTube is based on search traffic and what I mean by that is you know people searching for something specific. I mean you can even go to Google and just do a search in ninety nine times. Out of ten you’ll see a YouTube video pop up first, that makes it search. Okay and the difference between search and social is essentially if you’re on Facebook, and you see a video you weren’t searching for that, but on you too, if you see a video, you were probably looking for something related. Now. What I do on YouTube is I focus more on display ads. Okay, I want people to have gone in search for something specific and then see my ad versus me interrupting them all right now. There are some strategies and we have been testing some in display ads or so say some instrument recently that we’re kind of getting to work. The way we like, but I still love in display ads where someone was searching for something they see a video that they like it and they see me as a ditional related video, that’s kind of the way that we there we go. So let me share with you the power of placement ads now, when you go into setting up your ads, alright in Google, because it’s YouTube ads are tied to Google AdWords. So you need a Google AdWords account when you come down. It’S gon na ask you which type of option, in terms of targeting that you want to do so you can see here I am on targeting and if I click this little drop-down placements will be one of the things that I can select now when I click On that button, it’s going to open up like a little area or not, and this is where I can enter the URL of the channel or video that you want to target. So you can see I’ve clicked on ad manually and I’ve put a URL there. So what you can do is you can grab a URL of our video that you know has a lot of views and individuals that essentially are watching that video would be your ideal customer. You can come in and run a placement at by simply placing the URL right here in this area. Alright, now this is very, you know, targeted types of marketing and I call it extreme targeting because you’re actually targeting people that are looking for something specific and there’s so many different ways to do it, whether it’s a video or whether it’s actually a specific channel. Now, if I go over here to where it says, search for placements, I can actually type in the type of niche that I’m in so, for example, I’m let’s say I’m in the fitness niche. I can type in fitness and it will show me all of the different channels related to fitness. All right. You can see I’m hovered over channels. Now, if I were to click on YouTube videos – and I would have – and I have Fitness here and I click search – it would show me all the videos related to fitness and take a look at this, this particular channel on Fitness. We look at how many subscribers. Don’T you think that if you’re in the fitness niche, you should be targeting the videos of this channel, you know just go on and on and on? This is the power of leveraging marketing and knowing how to do it. The right way as we go back to the very beginning, the difference between good leads and bad leads. Okay, you do this you’re going to get good leads because you’re going to put your products and services in front of the right people. Here’S another thing you could do is you can see I typed in small business. You can see all the different YouTube channels attached to small business and you can see the number of subscribers. This is extremely powerful. So if you have services that small business owners would need, this would be an example how you can do it. I mean it might. Take you to go to a whiteboard and start writing down what your customers are searching for, what they’re looking at, but I’m sure in a matter of no time, you’ll have some keywords and you’ll be able to find the videos and the channels on that. You want to target, so let me give you a basic placement ad strategy. Okay, you want to take the time to write down the types of videos. Your audience would be searching for all right, so really think it through and think it through from a different perspective. Really try to become your customer say to yourself. Okay, if I were a customer looking to buy my product, what would it? What would I be watching? What would I be searching for and now you it will help you essentially pick the channels and the videos to place your ads on now for best results. What I say is hire a person to make a list of the URLs for you of the essentially. I should say the video URLs that you want to target. So let’s say that you want to target. You know, I don’t know people in the fitness niche, so you type in Fitness and you go to a specific video that video is going to produce a URL. So you can basically grab that URL put it in a spreadsheet. So then, when you go to run the ad, you could just paste all those URLs right into the ads area all right. So this is crucial to you being putting your video in front of the people that are looking at. You know, videos that would essentially be of interest to what it is that you’re selling. So what you do is you continue to expand this over time and your audience will explain, expand daily, so you don’t need to go in there and get a thousand video URLs in day, one just add 25 a day and keep adding it to your ad you’re. Going to expand your reach you’re going to get more people to watch your video, so essentially what you’re doing for those of you who may be still a little bit confused. Is this your going to find videos of people that, in a niche that similar to yours or videos that your customers would be watching? Okay, you’re going to grab those URLs and you’re going to run ads targeting the videos that your customers to be watching? So when they’re watching your video in a display ad next to that video is going to be your video, so you’re going to shoot a video that essentially offers what you have to offer and more details about your product. So now think of it in terms of big picture, every time a person or a customer is searching for something similar, we’re watching a video that they would be watching, and you know if that customer would be interested in in your product. They’Re going to see your video right next to it, so what you want to do is you want to set aside a small budget for placement ads? You don’t need to spend a lot. I mean with YouTube videos. You can get views for literally anywhere between one cent to twenty-five cents, if you’re doing it right and then essentially start running your videos and now everyone that’s watching your video you’ll know that they were watching a video first of a person that was it had. I had a product or you know that video that they were watching was related to what is that you have to offer, or that person was watching a video, and you know the people that are watching that video

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