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Why You Should Write a Business Plan in 2021

If you want to build something special for yourself and create something that you can monetize or put value on the best thing in the world any owner can do is create a plan. The reason business owners should want to have a business plan is you want to have true measurements and a true direction? Now, listen i’ve seen a lot of owners do okay without one, but there’s a difference between doing okay and wanting spectacular and the owners that did. Okay, prior to the pandemic, those are the ones that got in trouble because they just did okay, i’m not suggesting anyone should write the constitution or the or the bill of rights or the magna carta for crying out loud. What i’m suggesting is that you got to start with something if i get an owner that finally says okay, i agree with you, let’s figure out a way to put together a business plan. First thing i would ask he or she to do – is take a night and sleep on it and make sure they really want to put in the time and effort. That’S necessary. Second thing i would do is i would ask them to bring their key people in to a conference room the next day and tell them that we’re going to go forward with this and it matters, because this is how the company’s going to win this. How the employees are going to win? This is how we’re going to create a future to go forward, and the third thing i would challenge an owner to do is to take stock of their resources to make sure that whatever direction we choose to go that we’ve got it covered. I don’t want to go down a path that we can’t execute upon: [, Music ], so to determine, if you have a good plan or not only time will verify that when you’ve dotted the eyes across the t’s and the ink is dry, you don’t know if You have a good plan or not. What you’ve got is something to measure yourself against. That in itself is a good start. The pride and the work ethic and the optimism of the independent business owner is something that i am always overwhelmed and impressed by there’s anything that struck a chord with any listener or viewer or anything and they’d like to post a comment. Please do so we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. We really want to help and touch as many folks as we possibly can, because you know good things go around and come around and we should all try to win together. [, Music ]. You

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