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Make A FREE Outro For YouTube Videos (2021/2020) ? YOUTUBE ENDSCREEN TEMPLATE

What Should You Do For Fast Video Marketing

Hey guys, what’s up it’s moz here and welcome back to another video on the channel, so for today’s video, i’m gon na be showing you guys how you can make an end screen or like an outro. Some people call it end screen some people call it an outro, but basically that’s what i’m gon na be showing you guys how to do in today’s video um they’re kind of like a little thing that you put at the end of like a youtube video and You guys can kind of see on the screen right now as well um. But it’s just like a great way to like get your viewers to want to continue watching more of your videos or maybe even make it an easier way for them to subscribe to your channel. So if you guys enjoyed the video, all i’m asking is that you guys hit that like button below the video and maybe subscribe. If you want to see more videos like this but anyways, let’s get started alright cool. So first things first is head over to i’ll, have a link for it on the screen right now, um this uh website actually has an app for ios and i believe android as well. So the steps that i show you guys in this video can probably work if you’re doing it on your phone as well, but anyways once you’re on the website just go ahead and hit this button. That says sign up with email and just make a free account. Once you do that hit that blue button on the bottom – and you should be good to go all right so once you make an account, it’s going to ask you what you’re going to use it for just hit this button. That says personal right here, and it’s going to ask you to like try canva pro just hit maybe later, and you should be able to go. So it’s going to say start your first design and what we’re going gon na do right here is actually click right. Here, where it says like what would you like to create and then scroll all the way down until you see custom dimensions once you click that just type in 1920 and then for the height type in 1080?

Once you do that hit create new design, and you should see like a blank canvas in front of you all right, sweet. So now, once we’ve done that we can close out of this and go in the link in description below and you’ll, see a thing that i made just now. It’S a really bad, like outro template, but the reason why we want to use this is because it will have the perfect dimensions for your profile picture and actually you’re like a video. That’S going to go in the end screen as well. So once you’re here, just right, click on the image and then hit copy image go back to canva. And then you can right, click here and just say paste and when you do that, it’s going to actually show you how you can copy and paste in canva. So what you have to do to paste just hit control v on your keyboard, so control v and there you go now we have my outro template in the canvas. I can just drag it to the corners and make sure that fills up the entire area and we can finally get started um, but basically, when it comes to end screen templates, you can only have four elements in it at once, so you can maybe do all Four, just like youtube videos – maybe you can do one thing that says like subscribe to your channel, so it’s gon na be like a little circle for like your avatar or like your profile picture, and then you can have like three videos. If you want – or you can just do two videos and like one picture, it’s completely up to you, but that’s why i made this like a template right here, so you can just keep making the rectangles or like the rectangles in the circles. If you want to and then use them as many times as you want as well, so let’s go ahead and like actually trace the rectangle and then also the profile picture. So the first thing that we want to do is go here to elements and then go to the shapes, hit, see all and you’re going to see all these different shapes that you can use. We can just pick this random like square right here. Just drag it over the template right there make sure that you’re getting it like on the perfect edge from there. We can actually just bring it up like this by dragging it in from the middle and then drag it in from the right side and just drag it over there and there you go so now. We have our own actual rectangle right here, um and then, when it comes to your profile picture, the exact same thing goes. You can just take this circle right here, drag it over and then just go ahead and resize it so that it actually matches up with the template that i have in the background um and there you go so now. We can actually make sure that we’re getting like the right dimensions for the circle. I can drag it over right here and it looks like we’re covering it completely, but another thing that we can do is just click right here to change the transparency just drag it down a bit. I think it would probably help if i changed up the color for this, so i’m going to click right here on the color and maybe make it like blue. Actually, now that’s not going to work red will probably work a bit better. So now we can actually see like how much is it actually being covered up over the circle. So once i have that, i can just drag it in right there and, as you can see, i have a perfect circle. That’S covering the actual profile picture thing that i made in the template and same thing goes for this i’ll, just quickly make it red just to make sure that i did it correctly. So i made it red now i’ll change the transparency down a bit and just make sure that i’m completely covering up the template that i have in the background. So it looks like i was missing it just by a bit on the bottom and it looks like we’re good on all all sides, so yeah um. So the reason why i have this blue thing right here is that youtube will not allow you to put like a rectangle promoting a video like on the all the way on the top right corner on the top left corner bottom left corner, or something like that. Right, like the things that you want to promote or like for your end screen elements, they can only be in this blue rectangle that i’ve already laid out for you guys so um this way, you’re gon na kind of use it like your canvas, essentially like completely Ignore, like the black part around it, just make sure that you’re focusing on this itself. So for me personally, i think i want to include two videos and then a profile picture thing, so i’m going to go ahead and move this profile picture thing right here into the middle you’ll, see the guidelines automatically show up, and then i can just move it. A bit more and there you go so now, that’s perfectly centered and that’s where, like my thing, is going to go when i actually put it up on youtube um, i guess i can quickly show you on the screen right now. This is what, like the end product is going to look like. So that’s where i would be like right there in the middle um and then i can move this video thing right here to the side and what i’m going to do is i’m going to right. I’M going to click on that. I’M going to hit ctrl c to copy on your keyboard, i’ll, have a link for it or like the keyboard shortcut on the screen right now and then all i’m going to do is click anywhere else hit ctrl v and now we have two rectangles. So i can just move this one right here and make sure that they’re kind of even i want to make sure that they’re you know looking good. I also want to make sure that the circle is centered too. So there you go. We got all that stuff. Centered and so the three elements that i want to have in my own end screen template like they’re good to go like they’re, exactly where they’re supposed to be right, um like they’re not too far out of like you know the blue area like where i put Them right here, like it’s gon na work like youtube, will be like okay, you can put a video here if you want to and that’s exactly what we want right. So, of course, like i said before, you can have four elements, so you don’t have to like copy the exact same like three that i’m doing in this video. You can do it. However, you want to all right sweet so now that we know that we have our elements where we actually want them. We can actually get rid of like the background template, because we don’t need it anymore. The only reason why we needed that was so that we could get the circle dimensions and the rectangle dimensions for your video. So once we have that we can actually right click on the template in the background and just say, delete, and once you do once we do that, we see exactly like what our template is going to kind of. Like start looking like. So, of course, we don’t want to be like this plane. We want to probably add, like our social medias like our twitter, our instagram, our youtube channel as well. If you want to um, usually you don’t have to add that one, because your viewers are watching you on youtube, so it doesn’t really make too much sense. But if you want to you can so what i want to do for mine is. I want to go ahead and actually add some text on the top. So i’ll get some text right here. Um i’m going to make it a header text right here and what we’re going to do right away. Is i’m just going to say something like thanks for watching? Actually, no thanks for watching uh, all right so now that we have that we can click away from that. We can click on the text and we can just start dragging it upwards and so now for the text. It really doesn’t matter that it’s not going to fit in that blue area that i was showing you before, because that only matters for your actual element like the uh. You know your subscribe button, your videos or like a playlist or anything like that right. So the text or like your social media or wherever you put that stuff, it literally does not matter because that’s not gon na be clickable. That’S just like text. That’S gon na be there in your image. So now, of course, the background does not look that cool. So we should probably do something about that as well. So what i’m going to do is go to this button right here. That says background and also a cool thing about this is like they have a bunch of stock images already available for you to use. But in case you don’t like them, you can literally just go, find an image off of google or something, and if you want to you, can use it here as well or you can make your own in like a different program or something put it there. Maybe even like put a screenshot of your own video right there as well, it’s completely up to you how you want to do it. Remember like this is your end screen for your own videos, so feel free to like customize it. However, you want to so i’m just going to go ahead and look through this and find something i like i already like this blue one right here, so i’m just going to drag it onto the background right there and it should automatically just like cover onto the Background and you should be good to go, but on the chance that it doesn’t, you can just right click on it in case it’s covering everything, and if it is covering everything you can right, click on it and then just hit just hit, send it backward and If you that it should automatically go all the way to the back and your text and your elements and all that good stuff should still be on top of it. So now that i’ve done that, i do want to actually change these elements back to white, because i think it would look better that way so i’ll make it white and i’m going to raise the up or the transparency again all the way back to max. So now let’s actually go ahead and add some social media, because that’s usually what you should add that that’s usually what you should add at, like the end of your video, like some, you know, maybe a shout out to your twitter, your instagram, something like that. So the first thing we want to do is actually get the twitter logo from google images so i’ll go to i’ll type in twitter, png, i’ve already typed in the past, and now we’re just going to look for one that actually works. I’Ll click. This one right here see if this term turns to like a checkered background when it’s done loading. Maybe if i click on this one, this one might work right yeah. So this one’s a checkered background, so i can right click. It hit copy image, go back to um canva. I can click right here and hit ctrl v and there you go so now we have the twitter bird. We can just make it a bit smaller. We can move it like right here. Another cool thing that we should do is probably add some text so i’ll. Do this at a subheading i’ll say, follow me or something like that i’ll make it smaller, because we don’t need the thing to be as big as it is. Let’S also make this one ubuntu as well. I think that would look pretty solid, bold it up. There you go, we can make it a bit smaller and now we can actually drag this down right here and i think i’ll put my social medias like right here. So i’ll put the bird right there there you go. I can copy this text that we already have, because it’s already a pretty small size, move it right here. So my twitter is at mws. I can do that, make it a bit smaller and now let’s go ahead and get the instagram logo as well, so i’ll go here, go back up to the top and type in instagram logo, png i’ll type that in hit enter just look for like the first One that becomes a png all right, so this one does right click it copy go back to here, paste it right there, so we can do that, drag it down. Just a bit of course, like i said before, you probably want to be spending some more time on these uh but, like i said, i’m just rushing it for like a video, so i can just go ahead, backspace this um but anyways. So we can do that. Um, i think we don’t really need this kind of font to be. Like you know black, we can probably change this like white, so i can go here, go to the color right. There change it to white all right so now that i have that i can hold this and then hold shift and click on literally all of it, and then i can make a group out of it and once you do that, i can actually drag it right Here, until it’s in the middle make it bigger and when i make it bigger, like everything grows together, then from there i’m good to go, i think a cool thing i could probably do right here as well is maybe go to uh elements go to the square. Drag a square right there make it a bit smaller. Let’S do this, let’s do some of this all right. So do that maybe and then right click it hit send send backward. I think there you go so now all the text is actually laying on top of it. I don’t really like the color that i picked, so maybe i can you know, pick a different color that would that one covered up the twitter bird, but you guys kind of get the point like you can make it stand out a bit more. If you want to it’s totally up to you all right, so that really does wrap it up for like the template. Now, i’m going to show you guys how you can add it to your video and then i’m going to show you guys what you can do on youtube to actually like make it work if that makes sense. But, of course i just want to quickly say i know this template right here. Kind of doesn’t look amazing. It’S just like a thing that you can use as like reference um. I just want to show you guys what you can do on canva. Of course, the options and like the ideas are really endless, and it’s completely up to you like what you want to do on your own like end screen or outro, but yeah. So, like feel free to take your time after you’re done, watching this video and really like experiment and see like what you want to do on canva to make your own like really cool, end screen, template or outro. So anyways, once you’re done from here, hit this download button on the top right and hit the button that says, download. Literally that’s straightforward. It’S going to prepare your design! It’S going to save it as a png file. So from there you can just save it to your desktop and i’m just going to name it um end screen template so i’ll hit save right here and it’s going to save to my desktop. So now what you want to do is open up your video editing. Software all right. Well, i have absolutely no idea what i was talking about in this random clip that i found on like my computer but anyways i can click my file explorer and just look for the end screen. Template literally drag it and drop it into your video, editing software and there you go so now you have it in your timeline. All you have to really do from there just drag it. You know maybe make it fade out from like your clip, so i can hit play right here. I don’t think i have audio in that clip there. You go so like it fades out for my video and now i have this on the screen and just like what the viewer would see render out. However long you want your video to be, i’m just going to run it out, like this short, like seven. Second, video and upload it really quick all right, so i actually just finished rendering the video i ended up making a different video and i made it a bit longer than a minute just so that i can ensure that well, i will actually be able to add End screen templates or add an end screen to the video, so i’m just gon na quickly drag it onto my browser and she’s just gon na start uploading. So i’m just gon na go ahead and let it upload and all that good stuff and i’ll talk to you guys in a second all right sweet. So once you’re actually like in your video details for the video that you just uploaded, all you have to do is go down here and hit end screen right here and it’s gon na. Take you like a little timeline of what your video is. Actually, you know gon na be for the viewer, so we can scroll all the way to the end like when the end screen actually shows up like in our timeline. So what we can do is go ahead and add an element right here and let’s do a video and what we’re gon na do is we’re gon na move, a video right here and just fill up the uh rectangle, basically like that’s where the video would go Right there and all we have to do from there is that choose specific video and we can pick a random video that i’ve already uploaded on my channel. So i’ll just go ahead and do like here. Are these tips to start your youtube channel? I made this video just a couple weeks ago. Actually, i think, like two weeks ago, so in case you guys don’t do want to check that video out. Please do it’s a very great video, but as we have that now we can actually add another element. We can do the exact same thing in other video, we’ll put it right here and yeah, so that looks good as well. Um we can do choose a specific video again for this one i’ll. Do my video on me reacting to why? Mr beast is a genius. I think that’s a really good video that you guys should also check out, if you guys haven’t already and now we can add one more element and this one’s going to be the subscribe button. So this one’s just gon na be the circle in the middle and she’s. Just gon na go right on top of the circle right there all right, sweet so now that we’re all good to go, i can just scroll back right here and hit the play button and see what happens so. I hit peace. I, the p sign or whatever, and there you go so thanks for watching the video is right there. The little subscriber button in the middle is right there as well, and, as you can see, the social medias are also at the bottom. So in case, your fans want to like check out your social medias once they’re done watching a video because they enjoyed it so much. They can just go ahead and do that but yeah. That’S really for you guys if you guys enjoyed and if you did hit that like button subscribe button, all that good stuff and i’ll see you guys next, one peace also make sure you do hit that same button on the top right yeah. That’S really it uh see you guys next, one peace,

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